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Travel in the right way

Have you ever gone on holiday
and only seen the tourist traps?

Now you can hire a local guide
who will create a tour adapted
to your specific needs.

See what you want to see.

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Find a local in one of over 50.000 cities.

With rent a local you will be able to find a local guide in over 50.000 cities around the world.

Experience your destination in the way you want. See the things you want to see, and don’t feel like a tourist but like an explorer.

With our patented rating algorithm we guarantee you will have the perfect guide and the journey of a lifetime.

Become a local in your home town.

Do you know all the hot nightclubs or know the most amazing museum exhibits?

Do you know beautiful spots that no one else seems to notice or do you know where to find the best pasta in town?

Become a guide and share your knowledge with travelers from all over the world.